For over 25 years, I have competed against golf's best players on the PGA Tour. I've won 14 professional events world wide and although I am still playing on the PGA Tour Champions, I have started a new coaching phase of my career. After my experiences competing against players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Watson, Nick Price, to name a few, I've learned what the best players do in order to be GREAT!

No matter if you're a beginner just learning the game, or a professional seeking guidance on how to keep your mind right and emotions steady, I know exactly what you need to be successful.

I want you to know what the pros know.

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For an introduction to the help you will receive, here is a ten minute video of me telling you what you want to know. If you agree with what you see here, purchase one of my products I can tell you much, much more. 


I was shooting in the 100's before I was referred to Robin and after his coaching, I am making my way down to the mid-80's. His Swing Analysis program is the real deal for golfers looking to improve their game!

Kyle Kiner

Every time I got into the sand, my negativity wouldn't let me get out of the trap without taking 5 strokes. Robin's Anxiety Control really helped me overcome that fear.

Bailey Finkelstein